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A beauty bio company created through innovation and challenge

Corporate Culture

The company creating new value
while leading trend

Corporate Culture

  • 01 Organizational culture that enjoys challenges and changes
    Establishment of a challenging goal
    Cultivation of confidence and ability
    that can lead any business to succeed
    Clarification of target and direction
  • 02 Horizontal and free communication culture
    Maximization of work efficiency through good communication from Top-down, bottom-up
    Assignment of responsibility, right, mutual faith between company and employees simultaneously
    Respect and recognition
  • 03 Compensation culture related to performance
    Assignment of motive and execution power which take a responsibility for work to the end
    Prevention of manpower desertion through rational compensation
  • 04 Culture of enhancing executive ability and sense of accomplishment
    Maximization of aggressive
    and voluntary work
    Enthusiastic work handling
  • 05 Culture of talent training that can grow together
    Provision of an opportunity for growth sufficiently
    Training multi-players through various experience
    Promoting happiness with company together