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A beauty bio company created through innovation and challenge

Expanding Global Sales network

China has been the largest market for Biobijou, and we’re expanding our business to other countries.
As a result, a sales network of 11 countries’ markets have been secured so far.
Strengthen competitiveness our products by adding various types of functional ingredients,
KFDA and CE marking will be completed by 2023.


Since 2018

Since 2018, Biobijou started overseas exports mainly in China and Hong Kong including other Northeast Asian countries.

Expanding sales network in 11 more countries including the Middle East, South America, and Europe.

Biobijou exports to

Iraq, Dominican Republic, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Russia, Malaysia,
United Kingdom, CIS, Colombia

Biobijou exports to – in progress

Brazil, Iran, Morocco, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Thailand,
Singapore, Mexico, Philippines

    Southeast Asian Countries

  • 베트남 아이콘Vietnam

    Aesthetic industry in Vietnam has been rising continuously at an average of 12.7 %p annually between 2014 and 2019.

    The total amount of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers Vietnam imported from Korea is USD 20 million in 2016 in official statistics.

  • 태국 아이콘Thailand

    The total number of cosmetic surgeries in Thailand was approximately 140,000 cases, ranked the 10th in the world in 2018.

    In 35,000 non-surgical procedures, botulinum toxin injection accounted for 58.7%. In the case of HA filler injection, accounted for 27.1%.

    Latin America and the Caribbean

  • 브라질 아이콘Brazil

    A country with a population of 210 million with a high interest in cosmetic surgery

    World's the 3rd largest HA filler consuming country

  • 멕시코 아이콘Mexico

    24 brands of HA fillers are registered in Mexico, ranked the 6th in the world.

    Steep growth more than 10%p annually.


  • 러시아 아이콘Russia

    The amount of cosmetic surgery industry in Russia is 12 billion rubles

    Imports of botulinum toxin/filler, etc. from Korea: USD 18 million

  • 우크라이나 아이콘Ukraine

    The Ukraine aesthetic market has scored 87% growth rate from 2018 to 2020.

    Ukraine is a key location for global aesthetic companies to enter the former CIS countries.

Biobijou, a leading company in Chinese market

China, the best prospective market

The growth of Chinese market

China has emerged as the world’s second largest medical aesthetic country after the U.S.A.

The fastest-growing country in the medical aesthetic market in the world.

The size of dermal filler market in China is expected to grow
from USD 0.73 billion in 2022 to USD 1.49 billion in 2023.

Strengths of Biobijou

As we manufacture our own dermal fillers, more than 600,000
of our products have been sold in Chinese market.

Company board members have extensive experience in marketing and distribution of cosmetics
and dermal fillers in China.

Resourceful key doctor network in China

Presentation and demonstration of our company's products for the invitied key doctors to Korea

Expanding market share with resourceful key doctor network in Chinese market