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A beauty bio company created through innovation and challenge


Welcome to BIOBIJOU

BIOBIJOU, We will make
humankind healthy with
new innovation and challenge.

Hello, this is BIOBIJOU.

We have been focusing on sales and product developments
for our customers continuously based on technology and trust
since the establishment in 2018. We bow our thanks for faith and
trust which you have given us so far.

We developed and launched a hyaluronic acid dermal filler
“COLENA” in the market successfully to fulfill a long-cherished desire
of humankind for natural beauty.Meanwhile, we launched “MIWELL”
series for contouring lines and skin booster “LIMELUCE” with PDRN
in a row, and gained public favor about those products in the market.

We are not satisfied with our success so far and will continue
to develop new paradigms through new technologies and
new product developments to lead the K-beauty bio market.

As a leading K-beauty company, we will become a beauty partner
who can promise the best quality service and provide the best
solutions for our customers.Furthermore, we will open
a positive future with our customers and employees together.

Thank you.

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