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A beauty bio company created through innovation and challenge
Cosmetic MIWELL SLIM AMPLE 6vial
Fat reduction

[Product capacity]

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Miwell SLIM LIQUID consists of nine different lipolysis medical substances.
It shows faster fat-burning than earlier obesity product and brings the same effect as exercising. In addition, it increases basal metabolism, and leading faster fat breakdown.
The nine medical substances not only soften the fat,
but also boost elasticity by lipolysis effect. A totally new concept of lipolysis product.

[Application Part]
Body / Arm, Abdomen, Side, Back thigh, Back knee, Calf
Face / Cheek bone, V line, Jaw line, Double chin, Eyelids, Nose, Smile lines, Side cheekbones

-Improve skin elasticity
-Contour the line safely
※ For more information, contact the Bio Bijou Customer Center (02-6235-9690).