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A beauty bio company created through innovation and challenge
Medical Device Ascenart Amber
PN Filler

[Product capacity]
1.1ml * 1 syringe (per 1 box)

[manufacturing country]

Ascenart Amber is made of Polynecleotide (PN), DNA molecules extracted

from salmon gonads. The long DNA fragments helps to improve skin well-being and tissue regeneration. As a biocompatible material it is not only an effective

treatment for wrinkles, sagging and skin tone but also a safe treatment for skin rejuvenation and revitalization.

Ascenart Amber with lower viscosity is suitable for sensitive and thin skin around the eye area. It helps to restore the youthfulness of the skin around the eye.

The final outcome is more natural and in-depth tissue regeneration and a healthier look of the skin.

[Treatment Area]
crow's feet, wrinkles around eyes, elasticity around eyes area, pigmentation, dark circle/eye bag

- Improves signs of aging
- Improves inner skin environment
- Increase elasticity
- Restoration of skin tissue

※ For more information, contact the Bio Bijou Customer Center (02-6235-9690).