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A beauty bio company created through innovation and challenge
Medical Device CANDORLOV G

HA Cross-linked Filler

[Product capacity]
1.1ml * 1 syringe (per 1 box)

[manufacturing country]

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally produced
by our body as it helps to keep our skin plump and hydrated.
However, our skin loses hyaluronic acid gradually as getting old.
Dermal filler containing HA is very effective to replenish the deficiency of those,
and good for wrinkles while moisturize skin and stimulate collagen production for anti-aging
at the same time. CANDORLOV enhances skin volume with its high-elasticity to reduce wrinkles which is accompanied by a three-dimensional face.
It is biocompatible HA filler which can last for
a long time retaining high uniformity without any residue.

[Treatment Area]
Smile lines, Side cheekbones, Chin

-Improve skin elasticity and fine wrinkles
-Natural result with smooth injection
-Contour the line safely
-Fast effect
※ For more information, contact the Bio Bijou Customer Center (02-6235-9690).